3 security advantages of implementing meeting management software

When considering a switch from traditional paper meetings to meeting management software (such as a digital board portal), of course security must be a priority. As the board deals with an organisation’s most confidential information, it’s paramount data remains secure.

Increasingly, organisations are aware that meeting management software can offer substantial security advantages over traditional paper meetings. Below are three of those areas of advantage all meeting admins and directors should know.


Meeting management software security advantages for co-secs and directors


Unlike paper board packs, meeting management software offers extensive security infrastructure.

From information encryption, to strong password protection, to regular penetration testing; meeting management software not only protects data, but anticipates and prevents data breaches. The exact security features provided will vary between vendors, but with digital board solutions (unlike with easy lost, stolen or misplaced paper packs) you can be sure information is secure across devices, and only reaches the right users.


1. Everything is password protected

As mentioned above, implementing meeting management software ensures the data stored across devices is password protected. In many cases, multiple passwords protect data and prevent inappropriate access. Features like two-step authentication, lock-out rules, password expiry and limited login attempts all ensure only authorised users can access documents - unlike in a paper system.


2. Admins can remotely delete data when required

Even with password protection in place, it’s wise to have additional security measures. With many meeting management software solutions, if a board member loses a software enabled device, or has it stolen, administrators can remotely delete the data. Typically, data recovery is then possible on a new software-enabled device. This prevents data loss, and means information can't be compromised.

Additionally, if a user leaves the organisation, meeting administrators using meeting software can remotely disable that user’s account; preventing them from accessing data they no longer have permission for.


3. Admins can enable specific user access and control

Along with the ability to revoke user access; with a digital board solution, administrators can assign precise user access rights for specific documents, on a per-document basis. Unlike with paper board packs, this prevents unauthorised document sharing.


Implementing meeting management software


Clearly when compared with traditional meeting management processes, meeting management software offers an accessible alternative, with security measures beyond what’s possible in a paper process.

The points above are a first-step consideration meeting management software security benefits. To ensure best adoption within your organisation, it’s advised you select a user-friendly software solution, which offers appropriate training for your team to make these security benefits clear.