Improve governance with board meeting management software

For many organisations, keeping track of actions to ensure good governance reporting is a challenge. In non-digital processes, this challenge is more complex as without an electronic data trail, it’s hard to assess if good governance procedures are being followed.

However, adopting a digital board solution offers a way around a lack of insight. Board meeting management software can improve governance and board management by:


1. Providing an easy to follow electronic data trail

In a paper process, visibility on meeting management is poor, which makes tracking and reporting difficult. But, by digitising board packs and managing meetings via board portals, organisations can create a clear electronic data trail. Giving insight into actions throughout the meeting management process, the data can be analysed to ensure good procedures are followed.


2. Giving CoSecs improved visibility

For a meeting process to adhere to correct governance procedures, CoSecs and admins must have clear visibility and control over all aspects of meeting management.

From meeting creation to secure document distribution, access to board meeting management software makes this level of visibility possible as CoSecs gain a clear central point of control.


3. Enabling secure user access permissions

As well as enhanced visibility, board solutions also provide substantial security benefits at a user level. From a meeting organiser’s perspective, the ability to assign user rights makes it easy to determine exact user permissions and limitations. This of course, is impossible in paper processes where copies can easily be shared with unauthorised individuals.


4. Mitigating risk and enhancing security

In addition to enabling user permissions, board portals offer other advantages for secure working:

  • As all information is encrypted in a board solution, organisations gain a quick, secure way to distribute information with end users; with no waiting around to access couriered papers.
  • Secure, easily accessible digital documents mitigate the risk of document loss or theft. Sensitive information can also be securely wiped when required.


5. Ensuring all individuals can stay up to date

With a centralised digital board solution, any document revisions will be reflected across all versions - ensuring everyone privy to that information is up to date. In a paper process, edited documents would have to be reprinted and redistributed; so this is a substantial time and resource saving.

From a director’s perspective, it’s also easy to add, access and store corporate data (such as induction packs) within board portal document libraries. As induction packs and other reference materials can be substantial (typically two or three large A4 binders), this saves time and print resources, and keeps everyone up to date.


Improve board management processes to improve governance


Improved governance is just one advantage of rethinking your wider meeting management process. With a more efficient process in place, enabled by secure board meeting management software, organisations can see savings in time and resource across the company.