Why is board of directors training crucial to successfully implementing digital board papers?

When introducing paperless board software, board of directors training is imperative to successfully implementing new technology. Even though electronic board packs are designed to replicate paper documents, some might find the process to be a bit challenging at the beginning. Below are some common issues that directors may experience during the transition:


• The Board may find electronic board packs difficult to use

Electronic board packs are designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. It’s important the Board of directors’ training is comprehensive so that they don’t feel the need to resort back to older methods.


• Directors are not very IT-literate

Once a Board of directors training has taken place, most prefer the new way of working, as electronic board packs offer a number of advantages. (The benefits of introducing paperless board books)


• Directors insist on using hard copies during the meeting

Once a Board of directors training is complete, the convenience of electronic board packs will become clear. But if a director does want a hard copy of a document, it is easy to print one from the same system.


• Directors like to make notes on papers

During a Board of directors training, directors learn how to make comments, add notes, underline key points or free draw in the same way as if they were using paper board packs. It is just another way of consuming the same corporate information.


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