Why introduce electronic board packs?

Electronic board packs are being used more and more widely by all types of organisations to give 24/7 access to other papers, reports and documents of interest to boards.

Why would you choose to introduce electronic board packs in your business?

Board papers and other key documents can be viewed by directors anywhere in the world at any time, meaning that they are better prepared to do their job since they have a 'mobile library' with them at all times.

  • Accurate and timely information available at any time helps the board work more effectively and so promotes better governance.
  • Directors can access board papers and other documents promptly as no time is wasted on hard copy document compilation or waiting for a courier.
  • Directors can view papers online and annotate them, just as they would hard copy documents.
  • There is instant access to past minutes and papers as well as to other information, such as meeting schedules, announcements and venues.
  • Electronic board packs are simple to use and directors generally respond very positively to them, especially when used on iPads.
  • Documents provided to directors as part of their induction and ongoing professional development can be made available at the appropriate time electronically.
  • Using electronic board packs saves time for the Company Secretarial team as there is no longer any need to check every pack and worry about whether a page might be missing. Human error in compiling hard copy packs is eliminated and the Secretariat's time can be put to better use than putting together hard copy packs.
  • Courier costs are saved - this cost can really add up in busy international companies.
  • Electronic board packs are a greener way to work since they don’t use paper – or couriers.
  • Electronic board packs are secure – and there is no more risk of confidential papers being left on trains or planes. Indeed when laptops or iPads with electronic board packs are misplaced, you are offered some protection. The actual device would be password protected, uploaded documents should be automatically encrypted and devices which are lost can be wiped remotely.
  • Access to information is restricted to those authorised to see it and different levels of authorisation can be set.
  • Board Software for electronic board packs can be used by companies throughout your group enabling them all to function more effectively.


Given these advantages, electronic board packs are certainly worth serious consideration!