What more can board portal software offer to board members?

Whilst initial adoption has been slow, the market has taken off in the last few years with large parts of the FTSE and other stock listed companies now using board portal software to conduct their board meetings.

A rapid rate of adoption shouldn't be a great surprise, since board portal software provides a number of clear advantages over paper board packs.

Directors benefit from having secure access to all of their board materials in one easy accessible format, instead of having to carry around large paper board packs. The user intuitive design of board portal software such as BoardPad, helps directors work with board papers digitally without losing any functionality that traditional paper packs provide, whilst gaining from using the most up to date information.

Board portal software helps businesses and meeting organisers eliminate time-consuming manual collation, not to mention the production and delivery costs that are associated with paper board packs. The productivity, accuracy and efficiency of meeting organisers is improved through using board portal software as a central point for all meeting and board pack creation.

These combined with the demand for increased procedures that need to be documented for financial controls, make board portal software ideal for both business and end users.


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