What is a board portal?

Board portals provide a platform for secure exchange of documents and information between board members, company management and Administrators.

The board portal is a workspace for board members, managed by the meeting Administrators who serve as the interface between the Board and the organisation. The board portal allows for instant distribution of board papers and other important meeting documents to the directors, which they can access online or securely download for offline reading at a later date, all from their tablet.

Reading Rooms provide the Directors with access to all of the required documents, plus any additional further reading that may help them make more informed decisions. The Reading Rooms also provide access to past meeting documents, minutes, notes, annotations, charters, policies, investment portfolios, press coverage, regulatory and legislative updates, and reporting.

Board portals address security concerns with high level encryption, strong passwords, and the ability to remotely delete information if a Director’s device is lost or stolen. You can also limit the ability to print or share documents among certain individuals by adding an extra layer of security.

With easy to use tools and a user-friendly interface a board portal enables significant savings on print and paper helping with green initiatives. Board portals can help improve the efficiency of the board members and the process of creating board packs, which can sometimes be in excess of 500 pages. All of the meetings can be archived for legislative or corporate policies, ensuring a reliable source of information, whilst retaining its security and confidentiality.

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