What advantages do paperless boardbooks bring to a business?

Most people will have seen or used an iPad in a meeting. The increased popularity of tablet devices in day to day business means that more and more companies consider using them to manage their board meetings and documents electronically with digital boardbooks.

But what advantages do paperless boardbooks bring to a business?

First of all, using digital documents instead of paper ones saves on resource, printing and courier costs. You simply compile all the documents from a secure, web-based portal before pushing them onto a tablet device. If late amends are necessary then you make them through the portal and resend them to director’s devices so they can download the latest version of boardbooks, wherever they are.

Say goodbye to cumbersome packs! By introducing digital boardbooks, directors can really comfortably access documents from any location in the world, including confined spaces such as planes and trains.

Some like to make notes on their paper boardbooks. The electronic equivalent does exactly the same thing and more because it gives you a variety of options to choose from - you can add comments, highlight, underline and free draw or skip to bookmarks at a flick of a finger.

Security is another area where paperless boardbooks excel, as information is encrypted based on individual usernames and passwords. Even if your device gets lost or stolen, your administrator will be able to remotely delete any data held in the boardbook application, so the information is not compromised. . You cannot really do that if your paper boardbooks go missing.


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