Using an electronic board book for a board meeting

Traditionally, preparing materials for a board meeting involves a vast amount of a meeting organiser’s time to collate and company expense to distribute.

A large amount of editing, copying, collating and printing is involved in a traditional paper board book. This requires a lot of time, and the added stress of getting the document out in a timely fashion.

These disadvantages are further increased if you factor in the possibility of last-minute amends needing to be incorporated into the board book. This can often mean that board books are compiled again and then sent out for a second time with couriers.

By using an electronic board book you are able to remove these burdens and introduce immediate updates to a director’s device alongside web access to board materials and other stored documents.

With automatic versioning they are always working from the most up to date content, making for more productive time management and meetings.

It’s not only board members that benefit from an electronic board book. Reduced production time and effort when compiling and distributing meeting information, allows for more efficient meeting preparation. The electronic board book software gives increased flexibility and control to meeting organisers with amends being simple to carry out over the entire board and the ability to regulate email and print functions for information security. Remote deactivation is also possible upon departures and for lost or stolen devices.

There are many more benefits of using an electronic board book such as assisting in corporate governance, carrying out resolutions, providing transparency and cost saving.


If you would like more information on using electronic board books or wish to discuss your individual needs, please contact us today to schedule a demonstration.