Top tips toward a paperless boardroom – get personal

Welcome to Part Four of Top Tips Toward a Paperless Boardroom: A practical guide to help you convince your board to run paperless meetings.

So far, we’ve learned to encourage directors to use the application rather than ask if they would consider a paperless solution and to make them aware of the problems you face as Company Secretary when compiling and delivering paper packs.

Get personal

If something makes their life easier, people are more inclined to use it. So try highlighting the benefits of BoardPad. Focusing on how it can make working easier for them. Try dropping the following into a casual conversation or some correspondence.

Using BoardPad means that directors will never have to carry around a heavy and cumbersome paper board pack again. With the average board pack containing in excess of 250 pages, it can be a very cumbersome document to be carrying around and when looking for information it can be time-consuming. If you give them one of the new iPad Air tablets to hold, they will be amazed at how little they weigh and through using a search function, information can be found instantly.

For Non-Executive Directors, you could raise the topic of how BoardPad allows access to multiple companies from a single device, which provides a huge benefit for them. BoardPad also works just as well for directors who sit on multiple committees.


This and other top tips should help get your directors think seriously about using a paperless meeting solution such as BoardPad and so make your life easier and more productive.


With a global portfolio of clients who have successfully adopted BoardPad, you are in good hands.

Watch our video to learn how BoardPad can make your board meetings and company more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.

For more information on how you can replace your paper board pack with a digital solution, please download a brochure or contact us and we will be glad to discuss your needs.