Top tips toward a paperless boardroom – finding a champion

Welcome to Part Two of "Top Tips Toward a Paperless Boardroom: A practical guide to help you convince your board to run paperless meetings."

Find a Champion

Saving money is always an attention getter for board members and senior management. However, to really make an impact, find a champion who will convince the board about the benefits of using a board portal.

Many Company Secretaries are keen to introduce electronic board packs but struggle (initially) to get their board to consider using such a solution. Often, a company will introduce electronic board packs after one of its NEDs has used them in another company and liked it, so check whether this applies to any of your NEDs and bring them on board. Similarly, a positive recommendation from another company your board respects can be useful in persuading the board to consider this.

BoardPad may be able to help in this regard. A demonstration of BoardPad to the board is always useful and something we do often. During the demonstration, we let the board members play with the solution which helps overcome initial reservations and allows them to ask questions directly. Once they have experienced a user friendly, guided demonstration they will be considerably more open to the option of switching to a paperless boardroom.

With a global portfolio of clients who have successfully adopted BoardPad, you are in good hands.

Watch our video to learn how BoardPad can make your board meetings and company more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you require further information on BoardPad or need help in moving towards a paperless boardroom.