Tired of carrying a cumbersome paper boardpack?

With the average boardpack containing over 250 pages, it can be a very cumbersome document to be carrying around and searching for information can be time-consuming.

If the transporting of a boardpack is cumbersome, then the production and coordination of the document itself is very labour intensive to produce and is very costly to distribute Constructing a boardpack takes secretarial staff valuable time with each part being scrutinised in board meetings it is imperative that the information be as reliable as possible. Late changes being part of the process can lead to increased hours when deadlines are due.

Another issue with the use of a paper boardpack is security, as they can easily be lost or stolen. The documents contain highly sensitive information and, in some cases, confidential data which can harm organisations if made public.

The solution to using an existing paper boardpack is to use a board portal. Most of the directors, company secretaries and administrators are used to the latest tablet technology which makes the perfect interface to access a boardpack. Using just a tablet device, directors have instant access, online or offline, to all of the documents and information for their board meetings.

The benefits extend to the company and secretarial staff as printing, courier and work hours are all reduced, so both time and budgets are saved. Administration functions allow for quick and easy meeting boardpacks and document creation, with the ability to send out any updates right up until the meeting to ensure information is always up-to-date.


For more information on how you can replace a paper board pack with a digital solution then download a brochure or contact us and we can discuss your needs.