Tips for successful implementation of board book software

Implementing board book software into a business that has relied on a paper-based board book for such a long time, requires some adjustments to ensure smooth transition.

A few of the most common concerns are:

• Security worries

Board book software is incredibly secure. With passwords, data encryption and remote deletion, your information is much safer than if printed and distributed as a paper board book. Meeting organisers have control over information distribution with print and email restrictions.

• Embracing new technology

Some directors may be less IT-savvy than others, but this does not mean that they cannot benefit from using tablet devices to access their board books. The training for directors is created to accommodate initial technology concerns and focuses on step by step instructions to make sure they feel confident about using electronic board books.

• Fear of system crashes

Board book software providers will have processes in place to prevent systems from crashing or to limit the impact, should an issue occur. For example, if a server does experience an issue then connection should automatically be transferred to an alternative server. Backups of your data should also automatically occur every day to ensure continuous data protection. 

• Getting buy-in from the Board

Often a company will introduce board book software after a recommendation from one of its NEDs that has used it in another company. Similarly, a referral from another company your Board respects can be useful in persuading the adoption of the board book software. Make sure your directors understand the benefits of having board book software such as security, quick access to the most-up-to- date information, anytime, anywhere, from one device.

No more bulky board and meeting packs, late deliveries, or lost and stolen documents. Calculating courier costs and estimating paper savings whilst mentioning environmental benefits may also help.


For more information on how you and your business can benefit from board book software, please download a brochure or contact us to talk about your requirements.