Things to consider when introducing a board meeting portal

When deliberating the introduction of a board meeting portal, a few things should be considered to achieve the optimal performance from both users and the board meeting portal itself. These include the following:



This is a crucial factor when considering using a board meeting portal, due to the sensitive nature of shared materials. Ask the provider about full details and consult your IT team to make sure your specifications match up.

A board meeting portal offers information encryption and strong password protection, with remote delete options available, should the device be lost or stolen. A traditional paper board pack cannot offer these advantages.


Easy transition

Some users may be resistant to change, especially if they are not very IT-savy. Be sure to investigate the implementation and training procedures that a provider delivers. Once users have been trained to take advantage of a board meeting portal, they will wonder how they worked without them before.


Return on investment (ROI)

Whilst clear benefits of an electronic board meeting portal can be seen, your company might still want to calculate the ROI, based on the initial investment. A board meeting portal dramatically reduces costs of printing, binding and couriers and reduces time and the resources required to produce and distribute the information.

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