The quicker way to compile board papers


Compiling and constructing board papers can be very labour intensive for secretarial staff. They must ensure that the necessary information is presented in a clear and accessible fashion, whilst ensuring there is no bias.


Board papers usually consist of multiple documents and file types that are then copied multiple times and put together in packs for numerous board members.


If you have piece of software, such as BoardPad, you can quickly compile digital board papers and distribute them easily to board members, who access them through a desktop computer or a tablet device.


Digital board papers are configured from a central admin system using a variety of document types relevant to the meeting, making the process more efficient for administrators and secretarial staff. You can also ensure directors are working with the latest information by setting up 'enforced' downloads upon signing in to the digital board paper application after a set time period.


Adding additional documents and news items that are not part of the agenda is simple with designated work spaces that can be both private and shared, in order to give directors all necessary information.


Secretarial staff can set up automatic deletion of historical board paper materials after a designated time period, to meet its company’s governance and compliance needs. If the directors’ device gets lost or stolen, all electronic board packs can be remotely deleted. You can also restrict board paper email and printing options.


For more information on a compiling electronic board papers with BoardPad, download the brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.