The increased popularity of electronic board packs

The use of tablets in the boardroom is becoming increasingly popular, especially with non-executive directors who require access to different board packs.


Electronic board packs stored on a tablet device such as an iPad, have numerous advantages for directors such as:


• Portability and quick access to information

When you compare traditional 500+ page paper board packs to electronic ones on an iPad or similar device, the difference is significant, not to mention instant access to multiple documents, online or offline, from any location in the world.


• Intuitive navigation and fast searching

You can increase productivity by reducing search time and plotting bookmarks to return to at the touch of a button. Every aspect of your board pack is available at your fingertips.


• Reading convenience when travelling

With the increased time that directors spend travelling, board packs can be bulky and hard to work with in confined spaces such as planes and trains. Digital board packs, on the other hand, allow you to store a number of additional documents you can view and annotate anytime, anywhere.


• Access to the most up-to-date information

Any amends to documents or last-minute additions can be remotely sent to director’s electronic board packs to ensure that every board member instantly accesses the most up-to-date information.


• Security

All documents can be deleted from a device in case any electronic board packs are lost or stolen. Documents are also encrypted with strong two step security to ensure maximum protection.


With the technology moving fast into the boardroom, the use of electronic board packs is thought to be inevitable. Meeting organisers can take advantage of a solution that has proven to save on both the time and costs of collating and delivering board packs, helping to make this process more efficient.


For more information on how you can benefit from using electronic board packs, delivered via BoardPad 2, please download a brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.