The benefits of paperless board meetings for secretarial staff

Paperless board meetings offer secretarial staff a solution that eases many of the pains they face in managing meetings and compiling board papers.

Paperless board meetings give staff the ability to quickly and easily create meetings, board packs, upload documents, invite attendees and maintain details of appointments to Boards and Committees. Paperless board meetings are designed to cater for every requirement of an administrator or company secretary whilst ensuring that they can be confident that directors receive the latest information in a timely manner.


Some of the main benefits of paperless board meetings are: 

• Improved productivity

Create, manage and setup all meeting information and material from a central point


• Increased accuracy and efficiency

Easily compile paperless board meetings’ materials in multiple formats


• No stress of manual collation

Because all the information is distributed electronically, directors are working from the same information with ‘enforced’ updates and automatic deletion of historical paperless board meetings


• Reduced costs and resource demand

Significantly reduce courier, print and paper costs as well as your carbon footprint


• Secure distribution of sensitive information

Encrypt and manage access to documents by enabling or disabling email and print functions. Remotely delete paperless board meetings or in case they are lost or stolen


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