The benefits of digital board packs

Traditionally, board packs and communications have always been paper-based. Digital board packs have introduced an efficient and more controllable process which enables the directors to access, annotate important documents in a secure environment.

One key feature of a digital board pack, is the ability to work online and offline from any location. Board members who are not able to physically attend the meeting, can review the documents and also communicate with the other board members online. You can also download the documents beforehand to review at a later date, when offline. The same high levels of security are applied to both working online and offline.

Digital board packs have an Admin portal used by corporate secretaries and meeting Administrators which allows them to arrange the board materials, amend and simultaneously sync them with the board members’ devices. This allows a much more efficient process for managing board meetings with the easy editing and distribution of board documents.

Introducing a digital board pack not only increases efficiency and convenience for board members and meeting Administrators, but it can reduce the usage and wastage of paper, leading to significant savings on print and paper.

The use of a digital board pack can offer an improved governance strategy for board meetings. Alongside trusted information security, it also provides the directors with a greater visibility into the operations of a board meeting. A digital board pack not only makes your board work less cumbersome but gives it a smarter outlook by combining good governance practices with the use of the latest technology.

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