The benefits of a board portal

Board papers and communication have traditionally been paper-based, however, the introduction of board portals has enabled a much more controlled and efficient environment for directors to access all the required documents securely, whilst allowing them to electronically collaborate with the board members. Board portals not only support the exchange of information within the meeting, but can also record everything that occurs between meetings.

One of the key benefits of a board portal for directors, is its online and offline accessibility. This allows board members or those not present in the office, to review the documents and also communicate with the other board members online. Also important documents can be downloaded for review at a later date when offline.

Company secretaries can also use the portal to arrange the board materials, amend and circulate the documents online. The editing and distribution of board packages can be completed without issues, delays, couriers or paper collation.

The introduction of a board portal, enables significant savings on paper usage and wastage helping with green initiatives. With easy to use features and a user friendly interface it can help improve the efficiency of the board members. The process of creating board packs, which can sometimes be in excess of 500 pages, is simplified through the use of the board portal software. All of the meetings can be archived for legislative or corporate policies, ensuring a reliable source of information, whilst retaining its security and confidentiality.

Board portals have improved governance strategy for board meetings. Alongside greater security, they provide the directors with a more efficient way of working, by combining good governance with the use of the latest technology.

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