Start a paperless office in your boardroom

‘Going green’ as an initiative, has been a focus of many businesses’ corporate social responsibility programmes. The simplest change, for companies of any size to implement is the paper reduction. The use of smartphones, laptops and tablets can definitely help to move away from relying on paper.

Working with paper as a means of communication is deeply ingrained into each business so to switch to a paperless means of running business requires time and effort.

One way to encourage your business to work without paper is to lead from the boardroom. With the majority of decisions coming from the top of a business it would make sense to have these decision makers trial new working methods before rolling them out to the rest of the organisation. 

So, what about introducing the paperless office to your boardroom?

Board packs often contain up to and over 500 pages that are delivered to the entire board of directors.

Encouraging directors to convert to a paperless office in their work outside of board meetings may be harder to implement. Let’s not forget that Rome was not built in a day. By taking advantage of the latest technology and easily available digital tools changing working practices at the executive level takes time, but once directors realise the benefits of going paperless they will not want to go back to doing things the old way.


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