Why are board members reluctant to receive electronic board packets?

Initial reluctance to any change in business processes is natural. If you have worked with something for a long time, you feel confident about using it and are unwilling to change your practice, unless it is absolutely necessarily or it proves to be highly beneficial for you or your company. Distribution of electronic board packets is something that more and more blue chip companies now consider as a means of improving efficiency in their boardrooms, security of accessing confidential information and simply to enhance the eco-friendly policy.

Let’s not forget that the reluctance to use electronic board packets might be caused by the following factors:

  • IT literacy – fear of unknown

Some directors lack confidence when using tablet computers to perform a vital part of their role. When you have been working with paper documents for many years it is only natural to be hesitant of new technology. To counteract this reservation we provide tailored training sessions with experienced consultants who will make sure directors feel comfortable and confident about using the solution and can rely on on-going support, should they have any questions about electronic board packets.

  • Unreliability – will I lose information?

A common fear of using any technology is the loss of data. Your data is backed up to secure servers that allow information to be retrieved, should iPads be lost or stolen. When directors think of reasons that electronic board packets may be unreliable, they tend to focus on common computer problems. They can be reassured that data is backed up to a secure server that enables information to be retrieved quickly.

  • Compromised security – is it safe?

The issue of data security regularly features in conversations with directors when using electronic board packets. Even before they get to use electronic board packets, these issues will have been explored by both their IT staff and our consultants to ensure that every precaution has been taken to ensure your data is not compromised.

  • Annotating documents – is it functional?

Directors will often make notes and drawings to remind themselves of future tasks. This can all be done when using electronic board packets with the annotation function which provides the ability to comment, add notes, underline key points or free draw, much the same way as if they were using paper board packs.

If you would like to learn more about addressing the reluctance to implement electronic board packets, contact us now to learn how BoardPad can help you deliver electronic board packets confidently and smoothly to your Board.