Reducing risk with board meeting software

A board of directors require large amounts of sensitive company data in order to make decisions during the meeting. This information can be at risk if a board pack is misplaced, lost or stolen. The implementation of board meeting software can help safeguard against such incidents.

Paper documentation is very easily accessed in comparison to data that is securely held within a tablet computer or laptop, as these will have passwords and pin codes to prevent unwanted access. This initial layer of security is a great deterrent for limiting prying eyes.

If a device with your board meeting software is lost or stolen then an added advantage over paper is the traceability. You are able to track some devices with their built in GPS and lock devices so that they are rendered useless. The board meeting software itself enables you to remotely delete any content from previous board meetings or any additional information stored within the board meeting software.

The question of cyber security is often raised when investigating board meeting software. Any vendor of board meeting software should provide a multiple security measure with strong password policies, segregated data, data encryption using HTTPS and configurable server-side IT policies to prevent unwanted access to your vital information. As well as the option to choose whether you would like your data to be hosted or self-hosted to suit your organisation’s individual IT policy.


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