Are you ready for an electronic boardroom?

The move to an electronic boardroom from a paper-based system can deliver quantifiable business benefits. If you’re already using portable devices, such as laptops and tablets, as an indispensable business tool, integrating an electronic board portal will be easy, quick and seamless.

Improve the quality of board materials

The obvious benefit of a digital board portal is the efficiency with which board packs can be developed and consumed. Where the production of paper packs can take days or weeks, electronic document creation can cut down the time to hours. This offers company secretaries the opportunity to improve the quality of distributed materials even as they handle other critical tasks.

Get more out of every meeting with time and location flexibility

With an electronic board portal, board members can access packs at a time and place convenient to them; it is especially beneficial when one or more members is travelling on business or working while on vacation. It is also helpful when board members need more time to assess or review board packs early on to prepare notes or recommendations for their deadline. With more control and time on their side, directors are better poised to lead important strategic discussions.

What kind of savings can you expect from an electronic boardroom?

You can negate the costs of printing, binding, courier and document creation. You can free up significant time you would have otherwise spent reviewing, editing and assembling paper documents to create packs, towards other tasks, experimentation and innovation. Directors can also extract maximum advantage from an efficient solution to focus on effective agenda-setting. By including last-minute changes and fixing errors in previous versions very quickly, an electronic boardroom can help provide a clear context, deal more effectively with administration and maximise value from the limited time available for board meetings.

Features of a good electronic board portal

Functionality, security, simplicity and support are the cornerstones of a quality board software. Consider BoardPad, which is used by clients in more than 140 countries. It enables directors to access documents online or offline from any location, on their iPads, Windows and Android devices. Advanced functionalities include the ability to import and export documents between BoardPad and third-party apps, and linking, sharing and viewing additional important company information in the Reading Room. It offers an intuitive interface and easy navigation. Its administrative platform Connect simplifies document management and provides enhanced security, while 24/7 support helps directors and administrators stay on top of things at all times.


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