Top tips toward a paperless boardroom – summing up

Welcome to Part Six and the final instalment of Top Tips Toward a Paperless Boardroom: A practical guide to help you convince your board to run paperless meetings.

The previous Top Tips can be summarised into the points below:


Show Don’t Tell

Rather than ask your directors if they’d like to go paperless (most will say no as change is always difficult), show them board papers in the app. Before they realise, they will be flipping through the pages and annotating.

Find a Champion

If you know of an NED who uses a paperless solution try and have him/her encourage fellow directors to go paperless. Similarly, if you know a director who uses an iPad or similar, get them to become the board’s paperless champion.

Stress your problems

Make directors aware of the challenges/risks/problems you face when putting together a board/meeting pack and document any lost papers, inaccuracies in hard copy packs; calculate courier costs and estimate paper savings that would be made if electronic board packs were used.

Get Personal

Highlight, or better still, show the benefits to the individual director of a paperless boardroom solution – e.g. elimination of heavy paper packs; always up-to-date papers; elimination of multiple coloured sticky indicator tags on papers thus, making finding specific items easier (there is even a search function); plus the ability to have multiple board and/or committee/meeting packs on one device. 

Grabbing Attention

Senior management and the board have a fiduciary duty to be as efficient and effective as possible in the affairs of the company. By putting together a financial model that will show how you can save money, you will have a powerful tool which will force the board to consider going paperless.

You can reinforce your case by using the case studies presented in our clients section who have successfully implemented BoardPad to reach specific goals and targets. Whether it’s saving on resources or tracking information you will find examples to strengthen your argument.

With a global portfolio of clients who have successfully adopted BoardPad, you are in good hands.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require further information on BoardPad or need help in moving towards a paperless boardroom.