Top tips towards a paperless boardroom - grabbing attention

Welcome the First Entry of 'Top Tips Toward a Paperless Boardroom: A practical guide to help you convince your board to run paperless meetings'.


Grabbing Attention

Persuading board members to adopt paperless meeting solutions such as BoardPad that delivers board papers via a secure environment to a director’s iPad or Windows 8 tablet – can be tough, despite the obvious benefits.

Quite often, the moment you mention an iPad or similar alternative to paper to a director, they switch off. So the best way of introducing an iPad or Windows 8 tablet to a director is to not mention paperless meetings but simply say, ‘Have you seen this?’

Avoid any reference to an iPad or Apps etc, instead, simply hand the iPad or Windows 8 tablet to them with the paperless boardroom app open on the screen. You can either let them flip through the pages or show them something by highlighting or underlining some text. This way, they will be able to start interacting.

But it is important when selecting a paperless boardroom solution to make sure that the user experience is intuitive and user-friendly. This is especially important for directors who are not very IT-literate – again, BoardPad scores heavily here as we have developed our solution/product with end users/directors as well as practicing Company Secretaries in mind.


With a global portfolio of clients who have successfully adopted BoardPad, you are in good hands.

Watch our video to learn how BoardPad can make your board meetings and company more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.


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