Top tips toward a paperless boardroom – highlight current challenges

Welcome to Part Three of "Top Tips Toward a Paperless Boardroom: A practical guide to help you convince your board to run paperless meetings."

The last two Top Tips focussed on encouraging directors to use the application either by having the Company Secretary or NED show them the application rather than ask if they would consider a paperless boardroom solution. This week's entry focuses on providing solutions to your current challenges of which directors are, perhaps, often unaware.


Highlight current challenges/risks/problems

Often, directors will be unaware of the challenges you face as Company Secretary in getting a board pack delivered to them on time and in the correct format.

You could try to track instances of courier problems, lost papers and inaccurate hard copy packs and calculate the costs that these incidents have caused to the business. These would include your personal working time, with other tasks suffering and the monetary that the business incurs.

You could then present these against an estimate of the savings that would be made if electronic board packs were used. Consider both the cost and environmental benefits. Make your directors aware that using electronic board packs would eliminate these problems.

If you have noticed any of these incidents having a noticed effect on your board then highlighting these and the inconvenience they suffered would also be a way to open up the conversation of implementing electronic board packs.


This and other top tips should help get your directors thinking seriously about using a paperless meeting solution such as BoardPad and so make your life easier and more productive.


With a global portfolio of clients who have successfully adopted BoardPad, you are in good hands.

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