Paperless boardbook software - a new way of conducting meetings

The use of boardbook software helps alleviate common problems and costs associated with the preparation and execution of meetings for boards, departments and committees.

The use of a paper boardbook has been the traditional method to distribute information to attendees. However, with the advances in tablet computers, the paper boardbook is increasingly being replaced by more efficient, flexible digital solutions.

Digital boardbook software gives both meeting attendees and organisers a great deal of flexibility and convenience whilst making large amount of information easy to access through a lightweight device.

Meeting attendees are able to consume high volumes of information via their digital boardbook whilst on the move, taking advantage of their intuitive and user-friendly functionality, delivered on a tablet device. . Documents can be accessed on and offline with seamless browsing of meeting agendas, news, action points and any other information relating to boardbook or board meetings, including the location with maps and directions.

Meeting organisers can also benefit from the digital boardbook software with a greater amount of control over the way information is delivered and viewed by end users. Organisers are able to restrict printing and email functionality so that boardbook security is not compromised, whilst being able to ‘enforce’ updates, to ensure any late changes can be downloaded by the meeting attendees. Security of information increases further with remote deletion of information, held in an attendee’s boardbook in case of loss, theft & other potential security risks.


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