Organising a paperless board meeting with BoardPad

Organising board meetings can be a laborious and time-consuming process. BoardPad, a paperless board meeting application from ICSA Software helps to relieve these stresses and lighten the work load through its easy to use, web-based administrative system - BoardPad Connect.

BoardPad Connect helps secretarial staff quickly and easily create paperless board meetings, board packs, upload documents, invite attendees and maintain details of appointments to Boards and Committees.


Using BoardPad Connect, meeting organisers can:

• Improve productivity

A paperless board meeting means simplified meeting and document management with easily obtainable reports on attendance as well as secure access to documents and annotation tools.


• Increase accuracy and efficiency

Directors can be ‘enforced’ to update to the latest version of a document prior to a paperless board meeting, so that they have more time to consume corporate information


• Decrease stress of manual process

With a paperless board meeting running from computers or tablet devices there is no need for manual collation or checking and organising to be carried out.


• Reduce cost and resource demand

Because a paperless board meeting uses digital documents, the cost of printing board papers and courier services is eliminated.


• Increase security

Material that would be used in a paperless board meeting can be remotely deleted in case of loss or theft. Meeting organisers can also disable emailing and print functions so that the documents cannot be distributed.


BoardPad Connect is designed to cater for every requirement of an administrator or company secretary whilst ensuring that directors receive the latest information in a timely manner through a paperless board meeting.


For more information on how you can introduce a paperless board meeting with BoardPad and Board Connect, please download a brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.