Managing your board packs digitally

Board packs can often contain around 300-500 pages of information that each board member is required to study prior to a board meeting. With this in mind, those who compile such documents and those who work with them are often wondering what could be done to better manage the flow and availability of information. This is where digital board packs could be considered as a viable option, since they save business time and resources through more efficient practices.

Carrying around a tablet computer is a definite improvement when compared to cumbersome board packs and with the functionality that board portals such as BoardPad provides, there is little difference in working style.

Both directors and meeting organisers can benefit from digitally managed board packs with each board member being given an easier way to work with extensive documents.

Directors can securely view and edit meetings and documents, online or offline from any location. Even if they sit on multiple boards, papers are delivered to them instantly, including last-minute changes; all within one application. No more late deliveries, lost or stolen documents.

Meeting organisers can manage meetings and documents, with just a few clicks. Digital board packs give them incredible control and visibility across the entire meeting and document management process, reducing the time, cost and effort required to produce papers and deliver them on time.

For more information on how you can introduce digital board packs with BoardPad, download a brochure or contact us to schedule a demonstration.