Looking after your board documents

Losing a paper board pack can be a real risk to your organisation. A paper-based pack can be lost on the way to a meeting, stolen from your bag, lost in the post or misplaced by a courier. Electronic board portals are developed to eliminate the risks associated with lost board packs and the potential of highly confidential information being leaked, ensuring security and therefore peace of mind.

What is a board portal?

A digital board portal allows administrators to upload and distribute important board documents, meeting information and other required data securely on a server where designated individuals can access the data on a device of their choice. This means that your company’s directors can access the information they need for the meetings online or offline from all over the world.

Board portals also allow you to record votes, share and store key company information, annotate documents and much more. A good board portal such as BoardPad, will align with your existing processes and help streamline them to maximise efficiency.

What security is in place to reduce the risk?

Electronic board portals have to address security concerns such as confidentiality, integrity and availability. Board portals overcome these concerns with high level encryption, strong passwords, and the ability to remotely delete information if your device is lost or stolen. You can also limit with certain individuals the ability to print or share documents by adding an extra layer or security. With advanced security features and options in place, you can get more done, be as geographically diverse as you want, and avoid getting into panic mode during data loss/theft.

Building a business case for an electronic board portal

Company data that is leaked into the public can have huge cost implications associated with it. In a situation where a company’s financial results are revealed before the scheduled announcement, this can have a negative effect on both the value and reputation of the organisation. An electronic board portal’s security objectives of confidentiality, availability and integrity, make it a worthwhile investment.

If you would like to learn more about board portals, please contact us now to find out how BoardPad can help you and your organisation.