Improving meeting efficiency with an online board portal

It’s clear that technology is moving rapidly into the boardroom with the adoption of tablet computers becoming common practice. Many businesses look at adopting an online board portal to manage board meetings and electronic distribution of board documentation, instead of using traditional paper board packs.

An online board portal helps directors to work more efficiently with information being made available to them instantly by meeting organisers as well as providing a clear link between them and other directors to record votes, make annotations and review documents before meetings.

Directors aren’t the only party to benefit from more efficient working processes. Meeting organisers benefit from an increased control in the distribution of meeting and corporate information, including last-minute changes as well as a more streamlined process of board pack collation.

They are able to save time and effort through collating and distributing digital board packs through the online board portal instead of manually printing, collating and couriering the paper board packs out to directors. Meeting organisers also take advantage of extra security enhancements with the ability to control print and email capabilities, as well as information access from a central point. This comes in handy, especially when a device is lost or stolen as information can be remotely deleted to prevent any unwanted consequences.

Online board portal security is often businesses’ concern. But with strong password policies, hosted or self-hosted options, fully configurable deletion options, full AES encryption of data and completely configurable server policies, you can rest assured that your data is more secure than if it were printed on paper.


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