How to improve corporate governance through a board portal

More and more organisations are looking to use a board portal to improve their corporate governance and ease the burden of increased regulations that affect company secretarial staff and directors.

Some may question how technology can help to improve oversight and ethics? The answer comes in many different forms with the main benefits for each user listed below:

Secretarial benefits

Manual processes such as collating and printing board documents can be time consuming and expensive. A board portal streamlines the process of board paper preparation, frees up time and resources and helps to ensure the right information is included in the documents being delivered to the Board. Through electronic distribution, documents can be easily version controlled, including tracing who has access to corporate information and, if necessary, this access can be denied or information can be remotely deleted, should it become compromised.

With the increase in regulations, a board portal helps to track processes and offer visibility into the meeting process and any actions taken.

Director benefits

Using a board portal, directors are able to receive information instantly instead of having to wait for couriers to deliver their board packs. Let’s not forget about security. Instances where confidential information has leaked into the public domain can be easily avoided by having a secure board portal in place with strong passwords, document encryption and an ability to delete any content in case of emergency.


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