How to efficiently compile board papers

Compiling board papers can be a very time-consuming and stressful process for Meeting Administrators. They must ensure that all the required information and documents are up-to-date, clearly presented and easily accessible.

Board papers consist of many different documents and file types that are then copied multiple times and complied into a board pack for the numerous board members. Board papers can often be in excess of 500 pages incurring large print and distribution costs.

With board Meeting software, you can quickly and efficiently compile digital board papers and easily distribute them to board members, who access them through their tablet devices.

Digital board papers are uploaded to a central admin portal using a variety of document types for the Meeting, which will then sync with the directors’ tablets and devices. This makes the process more efficient for the Meeting Administrators. Amendments and errors can be easily fixed by uploading the latest documents to the portal. You can ensure the board members are using the up- to-date board papers by setting up ‘enforced’ downloads when they log into the application.

Adding related documents and additional news items that are not part of the agenda is simple with Reading Rooms that can be both individual and shared to all users, in order to give all the necessary information for directors to make informed decisions.

Meeting Administrators can set up rules for automatic deletion of historical board Meetings to meet the organisation’s governance and compliance needs. Furthermore, if the director loses or misplaces their device, the documents can be remotely deleted preventing unwanted access to confidential documents.

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