How secure is a digital board pack?

It is common knowledge that the information a board pack contains is of a highly sensitive and confidential nature. Board members use a board pack to make decisions on critical issues that might affect the course of the business, as well as the industry the company operates in.

The use of a traditional paper board pack is common practice but with the increased demands and locations that meetings are held in, the transportation of important information can pose a potential security threat. We have all heard stories about a board pack being lost or stolen during the delivery process.

One way to help eliminate this security risk is to look at distributing a board pack digitally. BoardPad 2, a paperless meeting solution that effectively turns directors and executives’ iPads into a highly secure digital meeting and board pack, enabling a greater amount of control and security over who is able to view and disseminate sensitive information.

With BoardPad 2, you are able to control the distribution of information through adjusted printing and email permissions to ensure that only authorised stakeholders can access and use it.

A lost board pack can be a nightmare, but with BoardPad 2 you can remotely delete any information from a central point, before it falls into the wrong hands.

As well as eliminating the risks associated with paper distribution, BoardPad 2 offers a strong password policy when accessing a board pack, full AES encryption with all communication with the server though HTTPS, preventing unauthorised access to your data storage.


For more information on how you can introduce a digital board book application such as BoardPad 2, download the brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demo.