How secure are electronic board packs?

Board packs are often made up of highly sensitive and confidential papers that could be damaging to your organisation if they got into the wrong hands. There has been multiple cases reported in the media when these confidential documents have been lost and the sensitive data has been leaked.

The security of your board pack should be a major concern and using paper-based packs has many risks. When using paper-based board packs, these can be lost in the post, with the courier or left on public transport. With a digital board pack these risks are no longer a concern with strong passwords, encryption and the ability to remotely delete information if your device is lost, your data is still protected.

However, digital board packs have their own risks associated with them. Below are some of the ways BoardPad overcomes some of the associated risks.


The data stored within BoardPad is encrypted with https data transactions which keep your information secure. The data is stored at our ISAE 3402/SSAE 16 Type II, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified UK Datacentres and our application goes through extensive application and infrastructure penetration testing to make sure it is as secure as possible.


Access can be controlled by your administrator. You can decide who has access to what documents and you can also restrict the ability to print or email certain documents, ensuring that no one accidently shares private information with the wrong people. Furthermore, built into the application is an audit log so you are able to see who has logged in and what data they access.


The data stored within the application is highly available with disaster recovery and high resilience measures built in. With two separate Datacentres, if anything happens to one it will fail over to the other without the user experiencing any downtime. Also, you can control the availability of the documents and meetings and decide their access and for how long they are stored.

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