How beneficial are paperless board meetings to administrators?

When planning and collating board meetings, administrators contribute an enormous amount of time and energy into making sure that directors have everything they need during board meetings. This process requires producing large paper documents for each attendee, including courier arrangements and last-minute alterations. This is where paperless board meetings can help.


So how can paperless board meetings help?

The use of paperless board meetings requires an initial investment in specialist software that can run on either tablet devices or regular computers. However, in the long term the process of manual collation is completely streamlined, meaning that administrations can quickly and easily create board meetings,board packs upload documents, invite attendees and maintain details of appointments to Boards and Committees. They do not need to arrange for courier deliveries or stay late putting the paper board packs together.


Return on Investment

By introducing paperless board meetings, there is no need for a traditional production of often 500+ pages. There is hardly any room for mistakes, since attendees will all work from the same digital document, including any last-minute changes. This ensures consistency of information right up until the board meeting takes place. If different versions are required; administrators can simply restrict access to certain documents or notes. In the long term, each organisation, whether big or small, will see the efficiency improvements, not to mention cost reductions in printing, transportation and company’s carbon footprint.


Increased security

Lost or stolen paper board packs can be a nightmare for administrators. On the other hand, by using a paperless board meetings solution they can simply remotely delete any lost data. But this is not all, any corporate information stored on devices is encrypted and a 2 way sign -in process requires strong passwords.


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