Governance meets technology with iPads in the boardroom

Board meetings are essential. They consider policy issues and major problems within organisations. To create true engagement within meetings and become more productive to the Board and senior executive leadership team, you need to investigate using iPads in the boardroom. They reduce the cost and time of preparing board materials in turn for improving efficiency. And with the use of web-based portals such as Connect, delivery of information to the members is effortless.


Benefits of using iPads in the Boardroom

Makes work easier

Forget paper packets. You can simply meet a variety of boardroom needs by merely using an iPad, including; recording, editing and sending the minutes, typing notes, running slide presentations when in session, marking up documents and writing notes prior to the commencement of the meeting. Having iPads in the boardroom also improves delivery of information in a secure environment, quick voting on resolutions, and easy meetings’ setup.

Enhanced security

Sensitive board information is arguably private hence not safe and secure when printed in paper packets. That is where iPads in the boardroom prove crucial. They offer adequate security protection for all of your sensitive board information. But what if the iPad is lost or stolen? Each board member with an iPad will have a password/pin in addition with data encryption and password protection on each of the documents, downloaded to their iPad.


By means of using iPads in the boardroom, you can easily and instantly create board meetings and conveniently distribute necessary board papers. The ability to email vital documents directly to board members saves time and costs required to produce board papers. Also, by using iPads in the boardroom – in conjunction with a web-based portal like Connect and an app like BoardPad– you free up physical space, reduce the need for paperboard records and storage space.


Other Benefits of Incorporating iPads in the Boardroom

Increased efficiency

Meeting organsiers can easily increase their efficiency when their directors use iPads in the boardroom. For instance, they can reduce the time, cost and the effort of manual board pack creation, they can include last-minute changes on their meeting documents, and they can securely manage board meetings, documents and other essential information from a central content management system. Put another way, iPads in the boardroom can give you full control and visibility over the entire board meeting process.

In a nutshell, having an iPad in the boardroom, with a web-based portal or an app in place, can keep you in touch with good governance. It can allow you to vote faster, annotate board meeting documents, securely access sensitive board information and efficiently prepare for meetings. Additionally, using iPads in the boardroom can provide meeting organisers with the ability to upload encrypted documents to ensure the highest security and assign actions to meeting documents.


For more information on how you and your business can benefit from installing iPads in the Boardroom, please download a brochure or contact us to talk through your specific requirements.