Going paperless in the boardroom

Board meetings traditionally involve managing and collating a lot of important documentation, which can be logistically difficult and complicated with board members spread around the country, or even the world. The adoption of board portals can deliver significant improvements within the organisation and can be beneficial for both the meeting organisers and directors.


With paper-based board packs, the release of an updated or amended document can be a nightmare for administrators and company secretaries, with the updates having to be sent out to the board members by couriers to make sure that all the participants are using the correct up-to-date version. With a paperless board meeting, these updates can all be done from one central place and delivered simultaneously, to each device.


Many industries have not only been able to save huge amounts of time, but also reduced costs through a significant reduction in paper and printing expenses. Some organisations save thousands of pounds a year with digital software such as BoardPad, but for more information, please read client case studies.


The security of your board pack should be a major concern and using paper-based packs has many risks. They can be lost in the post, with the courier or left on public transport. With a digital board pack these risks are no longer a concern with strong passwords, encryption and the ability to remotely delete information if your device is lost, your data is still protected.


If directors travel frequently or sit on a number of different boards, carrying a bulky, 500 pages long board pack, can be inconvenient. However, accessing papers from an iPad or Windows device is comfortable and lightweight; plus directors can easily add notes, signatures, voice annotations, bookmarks, highlight and free draw on their digital board pack, and more.

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