Do electronic board papers improve efficiency?

Those who prepare board papers will agree that it is a rather complicated and time consuming process, not to mention the stress when last-minute changes to agenda items or documents need to be distributed to board members. Making sure that directors have instant access to the latest board papers and archived material is crucial for them to be fully equipped for board meetings and to help them make informed decisions.

Electronic board papers give both directors and secretarial staff the ability to work in a quicker and more efficient way, cutting down on manual processes and the time it takes to put the packs together and get them delivered on time to the Board.

For secretarial staff, electronic board papers provide a streamlined and more automated way of working with board packs because they eliminate the traditional method of printing, collation and courier delivery, since all information is held and distributed to a portable device. Also any additional updates to board papers can be done instantly and sent to directors, regardless of their location, to ensure they always access the most up-to-date information.

Directors benefit from electronic board papers in a number of ways; the obvious one is that they don’t need to carry cumbersome packs around. By using BoardPad, a paperless meeting solution to manage meetings, documents and board papers, directors have fast and secure access to multiple board papers, anytime, anywhere, even when offline. All the information is literally available to them at their fingertips. What’s more, they can annotate the electronic board papers in much the same way as the traditional paper ones, thanks to the iAnnotate function.

By eliminating traditional board papers you’re not just saving on time but on the costs of printing, couriers, additional resource and you also help to reduce your business carbon footprint. Plus the added security of controlling printing and emailing of board papers, access to certain information combined with remote deletion of any out dated, lost or stolen papers makes electronic board papers a very appealing solution to the Board.


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