Directors and digital board papers

Thanks to the more and more popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, many directors started bringing in their personal tablet devices to work and use them in the boardroom. This evolution in working practices has triggered introducing digital board papers to the Board.

The conversion to digital board papers can cut down time, costs and the resources required to compile and distribute them to directors. They can be can be easily accessible from one device such as an iPad or a laptop, regardless of the location.


Below are some of the benefits of using digital board papers:

• Digital board papers allow for a tablet device or laptop to store all the necessary documentation that would be held in a 500+ page paper document in an easy to manage and eco-friendly format.

• Digital board papers can be directly annotated and shared with others (depending on the assigned user rights).


Should the documents be lost or stolen, they can be remotely deleted from a central location.

It’s not only the board of directors that can benefit from the introduction of digital board papers. The administration and secretarial staff will also see a large improvement in the process of compiling and updating board papers, meetings and directors’ access to certain documentation. As a result:


• The process coordination of compiling and delivering traditional board papers will be reduced

• Stress and working hours will decrease

• Last-minute updates will be easily sent to the director’s device


For more information on how you can introduce digital board papers through BoardPad, download a brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.