Creating electronic board books

Electronic board books deliver a number of benefits not only to directors, but also to meeting organisers who produce and distribute information before a meeting.

The requirement for material to be available instantly has spread throughout businesses so it makes sense that directors require secure and instant access to corporate information to make informed decisions. With board books being distributed electronically to an iPad or Windows 8/RT device, directors and meeting organisers can conveniently manage, review and amend content, prior or during the meeting.

What about the laborious process of collating the board papers?With electronic board books, printing and courier costs are eliminated, not to mention the time and resource savings, since uploading materials, including last-minute changes is quick and efficient.

Board books can be easily compiled by administrators before the final document is made public and instantly available to attendees. Administrators also gain a greater degree of control over document distribution, for example they can enable/disable email and print functionalities within the board book software. . They can also remotely delete board books and disable any missing devices in order to ensure information security.

For more information on how you can introduce electronic board books such as BoardPad, download a brochure or contact us to schedule a demonstration.