Converting to digital board books

After taking the decision to convert from traditional papers to digital board books, the transition period is key to ensure successful implementation.

One of the most common areas that raises initial concerns when introducing digital board books is the directors’ ability to use them. Make sure the solution is easy to use and the supplier offers a range of training sessions for directors, as well as adequate support they can rely on further down the line.

Involving the IT department is crucial to ensure the software fulfils the security requirements and is properly embedded within the company infrastructure.

The training of the end users, mainly directors, company secretaries and administration staff, is the most vital part of the implementation process. Those using the digital board books on a daily basis will require in-depth training in either one-on-one or group sessions to guarantee successful uptake. Company secretaries and administration staff will require a different kind of training as they will be using both the back and front ends of the software when uploading the documents and answering questions from the board.

Once training has been completed, the next task is to hold the very first board meeting with digital board books. The software supplier can be onsite to ensure the smooth running of the meeting and to answer any questions.


Whilst this brief blog gives you an idea of the steps required to convert to a digital board book, please contact us for more information or to schedule a BoardPad demonstration.