Could your company benefit from paperless meetings?

The use of tablets, desktop and laptop computers is commonplace in nearly all offices however, most meetings are still heavily paper based.

Below are a few advantages of running paperless meetings:


Meeting preparation

Meeting organisers can take advantage of templates and dashboards highlighting all relevant steps that need to be completed to run an efficient board meeting.

When organising a paperless meeting, you can attach a variety of documents to the meeting agenda items which everyone can then access through their tablet computers.

Amendments can be made right up until the meeting is held, ensuring that everyone is up to date and all have the latest information to form decisions and actions.



Creating agendas is simplified with any updates or tasks being clearly listed and assigned to the relevant participants. If your agenda items require a reshuffle, this can easily be done with drop and drag functionality.



Any actions and decisions can be easily recorded in a paperless meeting software package that each meeting attendee can access and view through their devices.

Paperless meetings allow meeting organisers to streamline the preparation process and ease the administration tasks required to run a meeting.


For more information about how paperless meetings could benefit your company and how BoardPad Connect can assist your meeting organisers, please contact us today.