Changing the way of working with committee packs

With the rising availability of tablet devices and the increase in security concerns around paper committee packs, more and more organisations now consider distributing them digitally.

Recent trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) have led to businesses adopting tablet devices for more than just presentations and Angry Birds! Tablet computers are now used throughout a business as they provide new and intuitive ways of working with documents such as committee packs.

Digital committee packs provide a level of security and flexibility that paper cannot provide with meeting organisers being given ultimate control over the information and directors actions. With simple controls that can limit print, email, annotation, document availability and comments meeting organisers can ensure that the information isn’t distributed to any unauthorised persons.

The security of committee packs is increased when held digitally, as meeting organisers are able to remotely delete information and deactivate access from a central hub.

Meeting organisers time is also saved through the move to a digital solution, rather than relying on the process of producing and disseminating electronic committee packs and it removes the hassle of printing 200-300 page long committee packs and time spent liaising with directors to arrange couriers and delivery times.

For more information on moving your committee packs over to a digital solution such as BoardPad from ICSA Software, download a brochure or contact us to schedule a demonstration.