Changing board meetings with board portals

The traditional process of board meetings involves managing and collating all of the correct documentation; this can be complicated and logistically difficult with board members spread around the country or even the world. The adoption of board portals can deliver significant improvements within the organisation and can be beneficial for both the meeting organisers and directors.

Digital board portals provide the board with secure and easy access to the documents needed to fulfil their duties whilst maintaining the records required for corporate governance needs.

With board portals, meeting organisers are given a greater element of control over the production of the meeting and the information the directors consume. Board portals allow documents to be easily uploaded including last minute amends that are instantly pushed to all director’s packs. Email and print restrictions can be put in place to stop confidential information being accidently distributed or lost and devices can be activated and controlled from a central point to ensure data security is managed effectively.

Benefits to the business are also recognised through board portals as they significantly reduce paper wastage, delivery and printing costs whilst regaining the hours spent collating and distributing paper-based board packs. Not to mention the increases in data security and privacy of sensitive information.

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