Looking for a boardroom meeting app?

More and more boardrooms have started to convert to using a boardroom meeting app to help them streamline the process around managing meetings and board papers. A move to a boardroom meeting app also favours the company secretary and their team, with less time being spent on administration and more on the content and needs of attendees.

A boardroom meeting app replaces bulky board packs with a sleek tablet making it easier for directors to conveniently access high volumes of information, securely and comfortably. The intuitive annotation tools that reside within a boardroom meeting app allow directors to perform all of the functions that a normal paper board pack would allow, plus many more. They are able to make notes, comments, bookmarks, voice memos, signatures, highlight and free draw whilst being able to save their annotations across different document versions, see a summary and hide or delete their personal notes, with one touch.

A constant problem for both directors and company secretarial teams is the need for constant revision of meeting documentation to ensure all information is up-to-date. A boardroom meeting app eliminates the need for the printing and courier of any documents, as all information is sent directly to the director’s tablet with previous versions being replaced but with the annotations saved. So all parties are working from the same page, regardless of the location.

Company secretaries and their teams have a huge amount of control and visibility over the entire meeting process thanks to the administration platform that helps to reduce the time, cost and effort of producing board meetings, giving them additional time to focus on the quality control of the board documentation and other responsibilities they may have.


For more information about how a boardroom meeting app could benefit your company and how our administration platform, Connect can assist your meeting organisers, please contact us today for a demo.