BoardPad - essential company secretarial software

The most effective and engaged boards consist of productive board members, and an efficient corporate secretary and team. Company secretarial software such as BoardPad offers secretarial teams a multitude of tools and techniques that can help to improve their and their board members’ efficiency in the boardroom.

Using company secretarial software allows for greater control, flexibly and efficiency when managing meetings, document distribution and information security.

Controlling information and its availability can be a difficult task when using paper documentation as papers can be easily misplaced or lost, putting sensitive information at risk. Company secretarial software like BoardPad helps to minimise this risk with email and print capabilities being controlled by the company secretaries. If a device is lost or stolen, then any information can be wiped remotely.

Company secretarial software also offers a dimension of flexibility which isn’t possible when distributing paper documentation. Late amends and additional information can soak up valuable time and resources if you have to redistribute papers. However, if you use electronic copies, they can be amended and versioned if need be from a central location, without the need for any last-minute printing or couriers.

By cutting down the time of document collation, printing and couriering information to directors, company secretaries can focus on additional tasks required to support the board.


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