Boardpacks delivered on tablet devices

More and more companies have now started using tablet devices, such as iPads to deliver presentations, view documents and manage meetings. One of the areas where portable devices can be beneficial is the delivery of board papers through electronic boardpacks.

Directors are able to use digital boardpacks anywhere, with the easy to use and intuitive design of tablet devices, not to mention the space and weight saved from not having to carry paper boardpacks. Productivity increases as all r information is at their fingertips with the ability to draw, highlight, underline and more.

Secretarial staff are given more control when using digital boardpacks as they are can create, manage meetings and upload documents from a central point. They are able to compile boardpacks from multiple file types. Instead of manually collating numerous paper boardpacks only one version needs to be assembled and distributed electronically, even with last-minute changes.. Print and email function can be modified to control information distribution and to remotely delete any lost or stolen boardpacks.

By introducing electronic boardpacks, your business will save printing and courier costs, not to mention the time and resource required to collate the documents.

For more information on boardpacks you can deliver via BoardPad, download the brochure or simply contact us to schedule a demonstration.