Board portals; Your electronic board pack and more

Board portals are steadily becoming an addition to most boardrooms, thanks to the digital management of board meetings and the processes behind them.

Board portals provide a single central location for information storage, helping to eliminate the costs and stresses of manual preparation of board papers and improving a board member’s communication. Board materials are also more comfortable to carry on a tablet computer than as a big bulky paper file.

For corporate secretaries and meeting organisers who traditionally compile board books and other materials, board portals simply make their life easier. They not only reduce the time it takes to organise materials, they also allow content to be uploaded and edited quicker than having it sorted, stapled, and posted.

For directors, one of the most common advantages is the ability to receive information almost instantly and not having to wait around for board materials to arrive.

Whilst board portals provide electronic board packs, they also include additional functionality that users can take advantage of. BoardPad, for example, features the Reading Room, a digital document sharing area where directors can instantly access documents that aren't necessarily board meeting related.

For more information on how you can introduce board portals such as BoardPad, download a brochure or contact us today to schedule a demonstration.