Board portals deliver good governance to your board

When looking to increase the reliability of governance reporting within an organisation, board portals are an incredibly useful tool to help keep track of director’s and company secretary’s actions and ensure good governance.

Replacing the traditional paper board packs with digital ones and managing meetings through board portals, help to create an electronic data trail that can later be analysed to ensure good governance procedures are being adhered to. Whether this be the correct creation of meetings or how data is handled by the end users.

Corporate secretaries and meeting organisers benefit greatly from increased visibility and control when using board portals, as they are able to distribute encrypted information securely to directors rather than sending out paper copies which can easily be lost or viewed by unauthorised individuals. They are also able to prevent further distribution of material through strict user access rights (for example those who can/cannot email and/or print documents through board portals).

End users such as board members can receive information on the move without having to wait around for couriered papers and then view and edit meetings and documents either online or offline. The risk of lost or stolen documents is also minimised with the meeting organiser’s ability to remotely wipe sensitive corporate information.


If you would like more information on using board portals like BoardPad, to deliver good governance to your board, please contact us to schedule a demonstration.