Board portals become vital boardroom software

As board meetings and board members are under more scrutiny than ever to produce results and adhere to strict guidelines, the importance of boardroom software such as board portals is on the rise.

The accountability that boardroom software offers for company secretaries and administration staff is invaluable in being able to track director’s actions and deliver information whilst they travel to international destinations. Board portals offer a huge amount of control to those who organise meetings as information can be uploaded, altered and removed from director’s devices instantly, rather than having to manually print off and courier paper documents. Meeting organisers can also set print and email restrictions to prevent information being distributed to unauthorised individuals. Should devices be lost or stolen, corporate data can be remotely deleted.

Directors benefit from the flexibility that board software provides. Important documents and board packs are delivered straight to their devices, saving time and offering convenient access to vital data, anytime, anywhere. Using a board portal offers the same functionality and look of a paper-based board pack but without the need to carry cumbersome packages around with the intuitive design that tablet devices offer and ease of use, directors can become more productive when preparing for their meetings.


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